Performance powers processes

Henrik Fjorback

In a recent proof of concept — for one of the top 10 third-party logistics companies — we were challenged on the performance of Multi Support® Next.

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They challenged us because some of their current solutions didn't perform satisfactory, resulting in:

  • Inflexible and complex solution design
  • Vulnerable and unreliable operations
  • Poor perceived service
  • Additional cost for hardware, system software, and support

In logistics numbers are big

As you can imagine the numbers are big in multinational logistics — numerous countries, thousands of trucks, millions of deliveries, and billions of documents.

Did Next pass the test?

The short story

"Yes, Multi Support® Next passed in flying colors."

Proof of concept data

Process Performance Scalability
Raw insert and indexing Multi-threaded 4,600,000 docs/h x1
Remote document capture using web services 1,500,000 docs/h x3
Import from file system controlled by CSV file 131,000 docs/h x34
Import from file system CSV — convert gif/tiff to pdf 31,000 docs/h x145

Raw capture capacity of 4,600,000 docs/h allows us to make a simple, flexible, and reliable solution design that delivers consistent service with an absolute minimum cost for hardware, system software, and technical support.

Performance does matter

You may think — “I’m not in IT operations, and I couldn’t care less”. Or “We don’t have numbers anywhere as big as these guys”. But I’d like to challenge you on this — performance matters, even for you.

If you choose a solution that doesn't scale — giving you poor perceived service —  you'll end up with only a few optimized processes.

If you choose a solution that scales by complexity — adding endless servers to your setup — you'll end up spending your money on infrastructure instead of optimizing business processes.

Neither is great. That’s why I say:

"Performance powers processes."

Looking for in-depth details? Take a look at "The comprehensive answer to how Next scales".


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