We are in this world to make people’s life easier.

Our products are easy to work with, easy to use, easy to install, easy to manage, easy to update, and easy to buy. Even easy to get rid of, but hard to live without. As an organization we are easy to work with for our clients, our business partners, our suppliers, and the authorities. To our colleagues we are easy to work together with. Always.


We are great at what we do. And focus on what we do well.

We are constantly improving our skills. On the job, and in the classroom. And on the lookout for people brighter than us. We embrace change and new challenges. We live for innovation in technology, in solutions, and in the organization.




We have high expectations. To our selves, and to each other.

We set high standards and goals, and we meet them. We accept errors, flaws, and failures. We never accept negligence and lack of perseverance. We make software and solutions that runs 24/7. Forever. We deliver on time and on budget. To clients as well as colleagues. And when not, we deal with it instantly.


We respect the people we work with. Outside as well as inside Nextway.

We appreciate that our clients are the sole reason we exist. If for nothing else, each and everyone deserve our unconditional respect for trusting us with their business. As people we acknowledge that we are not all the same. We cherish personal and cultural differences, and insist that our diversity is a strength, not a weakness. We take care of our colleagues, employees, and our managers. We care.




We are a team. One team. No exceptions.

We are a group of strong and diverse individuals. In different functions, and geographies, unified by a clear common purpose. No matter how impressed we are with individual capabilities, we appreciate team efforts. At all levels. Either you play for the team, and with the team. Or you don’t play at all.



Together we innovate every single day. Organization, methods, and technology. Big and small. Incremental and disruptive. In many different forums, but very noticeably at our FedEx day.


True management of Nextway is delegated into our organization. In the meeting with clients where dedicated account managers make sure that they are met commercially in line with our core values. When business process consultants and project managers make sure that we deliver on our promises. When software engineers and product managers innovate and meet deadlines. When accountants and controllers make sure that we are on track. And when marketing staff keep us in the limelight.

Focused on doing what is right more than doing things right. Based on values more than rules.

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Executive management team

In the day to day business our local offices are run by a country manager. The executive management team oversees the development of the company as a whole. 




Chief Executive Officer
(CEO), SVP Partnerships



Henrik Baasch
Chief Commercial Officer
(CCO), SVP Insurance

Kim Hellum
Chief Technology Officer
(CTO), SVP Products & SaaS

Raphael Schlegel
Chief Operational Officer


Board of directors

Nextway is run by a professional board with diverse background and solid international experience.


Lars Rüger
Chairman of the board

Lars Thomsen
Board member

Bjarne Aarup
Board member