about nextway

We started Nextway out of sheer frustration. Seeing people struggle with paper documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and emails to get the job done. Even when they have the best business systems in place.

Frustrated because it kills corporate efficiency and scalability. Frustrated because it kills the personal joy of work.

— Kim Hellum, Founder



Our mission

“We make companies more efficient and people's life at work easier”.

We replace processes that involve paper, PDFs, spreadsheets, and emails, with easy-to-use software. 

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We hunt down such processes to boost the organizational scalability and efficiency.

Classify emails, archive certificates, approve invoices, reimburse expenses, hire staff, manage contracts, and handle project documentation — just to mention a few. Any process that involves paper documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, or emails.

At the same time, we contribute to the personal joy of work, by eliminating tedious meaningless work.

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Next® Digital Workplace

The Next® Digital Workplace is a growing suite of enterprise apps to help you go all digital and work efficiently from anywhere.


In short — We make good business run better.