"No one wants to keep millions of documents in Salesforce. Still, many wants to have seamless access from it."

Next® Digital Workplace in action

Blazingly fast access to all your relevant documents from inside Salesforce.

Only 3 clicks to add a new document with Next® in Salesforce.



Managing documents in Salesforce
has never been easier.


With drag & drop archiving, people can add new documents with ease. When they're on the road, they can simply use their Salesforce app to capture and upload documents right at the customer site. 

And keep all their documents at a central place. Technical, Financial, Legal, or Commercial documents — anything. No matter if they're in CAD, Office, PDF, photo, or email formats. 


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  • Instant access from anywhere in Salesforce
  • Drag & drop new documents
  • Superfast searches
  • Immediate previews
  • Document collaboration with ease
  • Access restriction with roles and permission
  • Structured document view
  • On desktop, tablet, and mobile

Information-sharing matters everywhere

No matter if you work in insurance, finance, manufacturing, or logistics,
you'll appreciate instant access to knowledge of your leads, opportunities, and customers.

“Next® integrated with Salesforce was the missing link between our sales team and the rest of the organziation. Finally, everyone is on the same page.“


Integration, as easy as pie

Next® Digital Workplace integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.



Salesforce AppExchange

The Next® Connector is certified by Salesforce, and availble for download in the AppExchange. 
Go to the AppExchange listing


Integrates anywhere

You may add the Next® Lightning component to any object in your Salesforce. And configure what documents to show where.


Expert assistance

Should you or your Salesforce partner need help to speed up the implementation, we have the resources for you.


Your IT folk will love it too


Plug and play

The Next® connector is available from the Salesforce AppExchange and installs in minutes.

Secure and Seamless SSO

Next® uses OAuth or SAML to enable secure and seamless single sign on.

Live data connection

Live data connection makes the integration to Next® even easier.

Completely safe

Next® runs with Microsoft Azure in Frankfurt and keeps your documents safe within the EU.

Monitored around the clock

We – and Microsoft – look out for Next® around the clock.

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