the responsible global citizen


At Nextway corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integrated element in our everyday work. Our corporate strategy identifies “being a responsible global citizen” as a primary objective.

— Thomas Hougaard-Enevoldsen, CEO, SVP Partnerships




The world community

By moving the international business community away from manual and paper based routines, we contribute significantly to reducing the environmental footprint. We take our own medicine, and have practically eliminated the use of paper. We work across borders using online tools, and thereby reduce our need to travel. When purchasing goods and equipment we evaluate their impact on the environment. Low power consumption and the ability to be recycled are important parameters for us. All the way down to serving our visitors tap water using reusable bottles instead of bottled water, where this is an option. Human rights and international labor standards does not come cheap. We choose to support them by never outsourcing work to vendors who build their competitive edge on disrespect for either.

The surrounding societies

We take great pride in generating jobs and sound financial activity in the local societies where we exist. We acknowledge the responsibility for the many people we employ, and we will go far to protect their jobs. When we can have a positive impact though collaboration with local educational and cultural institutions, we do so. We scrutinize every element of our costs, but we do not excel in aggressive tax planning. The tax we have to pay is part of our contribution to society.

Our customers, partners, and competitors

We appreciate our clients are the sole reason we exist. If for nothing else, each and everyone deserve our unconditional respect for trusting us with their business. We will compete fiercely, but we will never turn to slander, corruption, or any other unethical behavior.

Our employees

We cherish personal and cultural differences, and insist that our diversity is a strength, not a weakness. We take care of our colleagues, employees, and our managers. We accept a responsibility for them and their families far beyond any labor legislation. We care. The above – and much more – is deeply embedded in our business strategy and our five core values: Unified, Easy, Smart, Respectful, and Ambitious.

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