The writing on the wall is clear: Paper based processes have no place in today's businesses

Kim Hellum

"68% believe paper-centric processes to be unacceptable, yet 21% find their paper use to be increasing!"

According to a research paper published by AIIM (© AIIM 2014, the vast majority of respondents find paper based processes to be a reminiscence of the past. Yet less than half of all companies see their use of paper declining.

Lack of management initiatives

The research paper provides a lot of interesting insight. To name one: Lack of management initiatives is identified as the top reason why paper is so hard to get rid of. Of course this is not the case at your place, but still there might be a thing or two to pick up. And remember manual processes using PDFs and emails aren’t any more future proof.

Just remember to read the writing on the wall, before you have your
back against it.

In case you'd like to get a copy of the report, just drop me an email.


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