125 emails. That’s the average number of business emails that you receive, send or forward during an office working day. Most of them concern business related matters. And more than you think, also contain personal data such as personal resumes, medical details, and any other details identifying a person.

With GDPR in place, you can’t keep personal data in your inbox. No matter what business you’re running.

Learn how to automate the burden of GDPR and manage your company’s inboxes efficiently.


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During this webinar, you'll get:

  • Understanding of what is defined as personal data in your inbox
  • GDPR legal consequences since 25 May 2018
  • How to get your email policy in place across the company?
  • Live demo of Next® Emails — an email automation solution used by hundreds across Europe
  • Questions & Answers

About the speaker



Steen Munksgaard

Steen Munksgaard is Product Manager at Nextway and our specialist on GDPR issues and email automation. Steen has 15+ years of experience within Information and Communication Technology. He is located at our office in beautiful Buchs, Switzerland.