Capture all your documents efficiently 

Next Enterprise Archive captures everything. Order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, statements, and reminders from your core systems. Proposals in Word and calculations in Excel from Microsoft Office. Orders and returns in emails from Outlook. Supplier invoices and shipping documents scanned from paper. Product pictures in jpg, and videos in mp3 from PIM. Wav files from you telephone system. XML and EDI from your partners. Etc.

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Capture from anywhere

Add documents to the enterprise archive with drag'n'drop or a click inside Next. Or directly from within Outlook, Word or Excel. Scan paper documents using professional scanners, multi-function copiers, or your mobile. Add documents automatically, by monitoring folders and Exchange servers. Or directly from your business systems. Next has document captures for a myriad of systems, and an open architecture that makes it easy to add new ones.


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Assisted all the way

When you add a business document manually, Next lists all available categories. And verifies the information you provide — customer, supplier, and order numbers — against your business systems. Accept the automatic suggestions or click to search for alternatives. 


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Next captures an impressive 4,600,000 documents per hour with our single server reference configuration.


million documents

High volume capture


When documents come in high volumes — from production scanners, mail servers, or business systems — Next shines.

With our single server reference configuration, Next captures an impressive 4,600,000 documents per hour. If you need more capacity - add servers.

For documents that come without index information, Next applies advanced OCR, text extraction, and full text indexing.


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Keep your documents safe

Taking good care of your business documents has always been important. With GDPR in place, it has become vital. An enterprise archive is a must, and Next Enterprise Archive is designed for keeping your documents safe.

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Automatic structuring of documents

Next automatically organizes all your documents based on metadata and actual document content. E.g. sales invoices are automatically placed in the logical folders for the customer, document type, sales rep, and each stocked item. This way your customer folder is automatically kept up to date with all relevant documents.


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Policy based permission control

Next lets in the right people — and keeps out the rest. You set up your own permission policies using document types, user groups, and metadata. While sales invoices may be available to most, payroll documents are for sure HR staff only. And forget about circumventing the defined permissions. Security is built in, and there are no back doors. Not for you. And not for us.


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Bulletproof audit log

All actions in Next are logged down to the millisecond. Now your auditors can easily check compliance. Price list users can see who is delaying the new edition. And you can see, who did the current version of the document you intend to update.


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In Next, it takes only one click to check out your document. And another to check it back in.



Version control


Next automatically keeps track of all your changes. And lets you view any previous version of each document.

If you are in a bigger team, you’ll appreciate the ability to check out a document before editing.

Before you edit the price list, you check it out — to eliminate the risk of interference from others. Once you're done, you simply check the document back in for everyone to use.


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Share your knowledge easily

The true value of an enterprise archive comes with finding documents. The modern and easy-to-use browser-based interface gives everybody access to documents from anywhere. You will love being up-to-date whether you are in the office, on the next floor, down the road, at home, or across the globe. Regardless of office hours.

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Structured access to documents

Simply select the relevant customer folder to view all the in- and outgoing documents related to this customer. From anywhere, any time, and always up to date. The same goes for your suppliers, employees, projects – any other entity relevant in your business.


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Lightning fast search forms

Next offers configurable search forms for everyone’s rutine tasks. ‘All customer dialog’ and 'Invoices by number' for Customer Service. ‘Supplier invoices by due date’ for Accounts Payable. ‘Payroll per employee’ for HR. Next lets you find your documents in seconds. Even when you have millions of documents in the enterprise archive.


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Like Google? You'll love Next

For less structured searches, type what you know and Next will find what you are looking for. 'Invoice to TED in 2014' lists all invoices send to TED Japan in 2014. ‘License violation solicitor’, locates the email from your IT vendor where the attached letter mentions their hope to avoid advocates when resolving a dispute over license terms. Because to Next, advocates and solicitors are the same. And all in the blink of an eye. Even when your archive holds millions of documents.


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With Next, it takes only two clicks to look up an invoice from Dynamics NAV.
Or any other business system.



Completely embedded in your workday


Next is easy to use on its own. And even easier, when its integrated in your business systems. One-click access from SAP, Salesforce, M3, IPTOR DC1, ASPECT4, or any other modern business application. Next’s restful APIs makes this part real easy.


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Discard documents you no longer need

Earlier you would clean out your archives only to save space.
With digital documents, and storage prices declining, its tempting to hang on to everything.
 With GDPR (EU’s personal data protection regulation) in place, this is no longer an option.
Just as important as it is to protect and keep documents, it is to discard them.

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Delete but don't forget

In Next, you don't loose your history when a document is deleted. The default deletion policy keeps everything on record: Previous revisions and the complete audit log. Including all the details on when the document was deleted – and who did it.


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GDPR compliant delete policies

You are required to get rid of documents related to individuals as soon as the legit purpose (or your explicit permission) no longer exists.  You can’t keep anything on record. Not the document. Not the history. Nothing. Enroll such document types in a GDPR delete policy. Then the documents are totally zapped when deleted.


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Policy based expiration

In many countries you are required to keep sales invoices and other tax related documents for 5 years. Other documents have similar requirements. In Next, you setup your own expiration policies and apply them to the relevant document types. Then Next takes care of the cleanup for you.


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More for you to like


Share documents by link, print, or email

Next makes it easy to share a document with people inside or outside your organization. Instantly emaling a copy of the unpaid invoice, settles the matter here and now.


Tiny but powerful annotations

Being able to add annotations and comments to documents comes in handy in many situations. Now "We never got that invoice in the first place" only works once. 


Unlimited flexibility

Next comes with predefined document types. But you easily setup any document type you'll ever need. And each document type has it's own set of metadata. Free format text, selected values, or validated in your business systems. Completely without limitations.


Seamless portal integration

Next plugs right into your customer portal and your intranet. Save valuable time and provide better service when customers and employees have easy access to their documents in the enterprise archive. Documents kept in one place and one place only.



Next serves 5 or 10 casual users well but is designed for high-volume processing. The archive captures documents at the speed of light – 4.6 million documents per hour – and serves users by the thousands. 


Easy, easy, easy

Next is easy to buy, easy to implement, easy to use, easy to run, and even easy to get rid of - should you ever want to.
But hard to live without.


Good to know.
For some


Next Enterprise Archive is a software product that works right out of the box. Based on experiences from others. That's how you get the most "bang for the buck". No big projects. No costly implementation. No unpleasant surprises. We call it "Ready-to-Go."

software updates

Next Enterprise Archive is easy to update. New features are periodically available for download. And one-click updates bring new functionality to all users. When you run Next as a service, we even take care of that for you.

Standard. Yet extensible

Architected for extensibility, Next will not limit you. Almost anything can be customized. Validate customer numbers in your ERP system? Or distribute directly to your portal? Next will deliver. And preserve the seamless software updates.

Fits in with your stuff

Next Enterprise Archive runs in the cloud and on your servers. Amazing performance on impressively moderate hardware. With no surprise costs to external databases. Next captures documents from any system, and syncs its users easily with AD or any other directory services.

Next Enterprise Archive,
any way you want


You can get Next Enterprise Archive exactly the way that matches your setup:

In the cloud On premise
One-time license Subscription


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