Is your document handling fully compliant? Do you know how to safeguard your personal data across the enterprise? Do you also make those common mistakes that most companies do with their invoice handling?

Get the answers from the experts! Join us to get up-to-date knowledge on the complex compliance world of e-document handling.


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Who should attend?


If you're a finance, IT, or admin pro, this seminar is the perfect spot for you.

Whether you’re full-speed ahead on your digital journey, or still browsing for the perfect system, this seminar will guide you through some of the most important legal stuff that you should know when working with digital document handling.

Topics covered



Heiko Kramer
Process Consultant

Is your document handling fully compliant?

Policies, law, regulations, standards. Countless rules to follow when handling documents in Germany. Not exactly simple. But in the digital era, it's becoming easier. Now you have the chance to get a recap on all principles and regulatory requirements. So you’re ready for the future fully prepared and compliant. All the legal stuff, wrapped in 25 minutes, by an expert from KPMG.



Claus Cordes
Managing Director

Gain control over your document handling

In a paper world, compliance is hard to prove. And to follow. Especially, when you consider the myriads of document types. Learn how using a central digital repository takes this burden off your shoulder. You’ll hear how using an eletronic archive helps your company become more transparent, provides easy access to documents, and safeguards sensitive data. The ultimate dream of a compliant enterprise.


Steen Munksgaard
Product Manager

Get a grip on your inbox — for the sake of GDPR

GDPR has brought sweeping changes to data protection and privacy compliance, yet many companies aren’t sure how the law affects them or what compliance looks like. Especially when it comes to their handling of emails. With GDPR in place, you can’t keep personal data in your inbox. No matter what business you’re running. Learn how to automate the burden of GDPR and manage your company’s inboxes efficiently.


Heiko Kramer
Process Consultant

Common compliance traps to avoid in invoice handling

If you’re using an invoice automation today, you’ve probably wondered if you’re compliant enough. Perhaps you’ve wondered if you can shred hard copies of your invoices? Or store customer data outside of the EU? We’ve got some answers for you. Based on important mistakes companies frequently run into with digital invoice handling.



Claus Cordes
Managing Director

How to get started with a new invoice automation?

Getting started with a new invoice automation raises millions of questions. Especially when your finance and IT colleagues have trouble agreeing on all the rules and procedures. Hear some of our invoice implementation best practices from the past three decades and take home some advice that suits your business.


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23 June 2020
10.00 - 11.30





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Managing Director, Germany
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